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Question the status quo

An Islamic perspective of what is happening around us. Here we talk about how to survive and perhaps thrive in the upcoming financial crises through making sense of what is occurring in the financial markets as well as food supply etc.

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Case for Gold and Silver

Would gold and silver hedge against a financial crisis and how to invest in precious metals? Assalamualaikum Dear Brother/Sister, We had discussed previously that we are looking at a potential financial crisis ahead of us. One of the ways we can hedge against potential hyperinflation is through having a portion of our wealth in asset classes that traditionally performs well in such scenarios. Even during times of less uncertainties, most adept financial advisors recommend abo

An Incoming Economic Tsunami?

Are we prepared for what lies ahead? Assalamualaikum Dear Brother/Sister, We have seen major changes happening around us over the past few months. While the media continues to report details of number of cases, wearing masks and so on, the general public is distracted from what is happening in the background. This note is intended to raise awareness of a potential financial crisis that we're entering. The economy is on its crutches. The unemployment rates skyrocketed and seve

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